By combining a passion for gaming and social responsibility; we have found a unique way to bridge the gap between mobile entertainment and fundraising. Through our original games players turn their high scores into financial support for the organizations that help to strengthen our communities.


Our Mission

To create and distribute original media with engaging gameplay and artistic graphics to bridge the gap between mobile gaming and the non-profit organizations that help strengthen the communities we call home.

How we do it

In 2016, the mobile gaming industry generated 41.5 Billion U.S. Dollars – a good chunk of which was generated through “in-app advertisement.” Knowing this, our games are free to download and use this model of revenue generation to create our income stream. With so much potential for revenue (and our penchant for truly making a difference) we saw an opportunity to bring this economy to the non-profit sector.


As such, it is our goal to partner with those socially responsible non-profit organizations that take active roles in tackling some of the issues that face the world today. Whether this be in animal protection, environmental conservation, or any other area of goodwill works; there is an opportunity for Honey Cruller Games to bolster funding while engaging the community through our games. By dedicating a portion of the proceeds generated by our games, we can help fund action to better the causes that relate back to our games' content.


To see what we're currently working on and who we're working with; head over to Projects or Partners.