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By combining compassion and gaming, Honey Cruller Games Inc is proud to present its first ever title; and with it, you have the chance to help local animal shelters and services just by downloading and playing:

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Help the Astronimals boost through the dangerous asteroid fields around our solar system and get them back to their space station safely!

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And when you, your family, or your friends play Astronimals; you can be confident that you’re helping those animals who don’t have a home-base yet get access to the food, shelter, and medication they need. Whether you’re playing the paid or lite version of Astronimals, a portion of the proceeds we collect will be donated directly to local animal shelters around the country.

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Here at Honey Cruller Games, we believe your gaming should do more good. After all, we all like to enjoy our gaming on the go; but we also love the feeling we get when we help our community.

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That's why each one of our titles directs a portion of the proceeds to a particular charity, non-profit, or sector of our communities that need some help. By combining compelling and fun gameplay with an income model that has ignored micro-transactions we are changing the face of fundraising.